Keltis Farm Kelhar

Vrhovnica 5a, 8259 Bizeljsko, Slovenia

M: +386 (0)31 553 353 (Miha)
M: +386 (0)31 807 862 (Marijan)


VAT Number: SI43580483

We produce natural wines because we believe in nature and its processes, and our contribution is only a fraction of the cycle.

As a young winemaker, I am grateful to my father Marijan, who raised our more than 240-year-old family winemaking tradition on the fertile hills of Bizeljsko to a new level 30 years ago. These solid foundations today allow us to stand proudly behind our wines, which are produced according to the principles of biodynamics.

Wines that carry passion and energy

The production of natural wines requires passion, understanding, patience, knowledge and work.
With the help of natural preparations and macerations, which last up to 8 months, we get exceptional results.

Wine cellar

We produce up to 30,000 bottles a year on 5 hectares of vineyards. For fresh wines, we use stainless steel tanks, and for longer maturation, wooden barrels. Our wines mature in an underground wine cellar.

Why natural wines?

Although many think that such wines are merely a trend, the truth is that the methods of producing natural wines are thousands of years old. This method of cultivation is based on many years of experience, successes and mistakes of our ancestors, who farmed in a nature-friendly way. Because we want original, authentic wines that reflect our terroir, we produce them with minimal interventions and additives, without filtration. The wines are produced with love and respect for nature, and the cellaring is adapted to the processes in nature, outside temperatures and the rhythm of the moon.

A natural process

The natural process follows the principles of biodynamic farming. It is a sustainable way of farming using biodynamic preparations. It is also our guide, our way of thinking and living. We maintain vitality in the vineyards with animal compost given to us by our cattle. That is why we appreciate them and we are grateful to them.

Cattle help us preserve the cultural landscape on the estate.



Žan Red


Mario natur

Mario rosé


Pinot gris

Yellow muscat






Mario Extreme

Cuvée Extreme