Keltis Farm Kelhar

Vrhovnica 5a, 8259 Bizeljsko, Slovenia

M: +386 (0)31 553 353 (Miha)
M: +386 (0)31 807 862 (Marijan)


VAT Number: SI43580483

About Us


Towards the end of the 1980s, Ivan and Elizabeta Kelhar left the care of the farm and vineyards to their son Marijan and his wife Ana. At that time, Marijan decided to dedicate himself more to winemaking and thus created the Keltis brand, under which he bottled the first bottles of wine in 1989 and appeared on the market as a boutique winemaker. In the 1990s, their sons Luka and Miha were born, and the latter eventually took on the lead role in the cellar. His first original wine was Cuvée Extrême 2009

The production of natural wines requires passion, understanding, patience, knowledge and work. I myself experienced this as a child and I was present at everything, from the vineyard to the bottle.



The Kelhar family cut down 17 mighty oaks that grew on their estate. A few years later, a wine house was built from these oaks, which is the hallmark of the farm, as it is today one of the largest in Lower Styria.


Wine cellar

A wine cellar was built, which is now part of the family house.


Grape phylloxera

Like most of Europe, Bizeljsko also suffers enormous damage to vineyards, as they are attacked by grape phylloxera. They plant vines grafted on the base, which increases the resistance of the vines.



Marijan Kelhar bottles Sauvignon and starts participating in wine fairs.


Construction of a new wine cellar

The first steps towards focusing on organic production and the construction of a new wine cellar.


Organic production

Commencement of organic production and restructuring of vineyards into organic production. The first wine made by the extended maceration method is Cuvée Extrême 2009.